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Picture2 015.jpg
Make up brush display for floor area, with white 3D lettering applied. Storage inside for the brushes and top of the unit holds sample brushes
White floor display unit, both sides are shaped like the display bottle product, branded up with the same image as the product
Custom make up pallet display unit. In black material with pink 3D design applied and the company name etched into the display. Pallet is open on the face to allow colours to be shown, beneath   that pallet there is storage for pallets to be stored
Countertop custom make up brush holder, shaped in a S shape with holes to for brushes, black base with the S shelf raised. Company logo in etched onto the black base
A selection of black counter top displays for nail items. One unit is tiered with two platforms with a back drop and company logo etched. Second unit is a small black bridge to allow for 5 pots to set in and logo engraved on the face and the third unit is one tier with logo engraved on the backdrop
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