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Podiums Made Easy

Transporting podiums has now been made easier. Knock down podiums now available. Easy to put together, easy to transport & easy to replace any broken parts.

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Knock down podium for Tuath Housing with grey sides and white front and top with logo applied to front
Acrylic Design Display case.jpg

Floor Standing Display Case

Draw attention to a single product or ornament in store or at an exhibition with a Display Case. This style of display case will look great in any showroom, museum, store or exhibition hall.

The display cube is designed with an open base so you can lift the cube off to access your display.

All manufactured in house so sizes can be customisable.

Lockable Suggestion Box


Collect votes, opinions / donations from customers or visitors using a lockable suggestion box.


Available with the option of a clear header suitable for interchanging information for display. 

Keep a privacy aspect for the contents by fully branding the unit. Making the unit stand out more and allowing your business to optimise branding opportunities. 


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